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LiSimba Consulting Services, LLC, offers a distinctly unique range of services to corporations doing business in the United States and abroad. Our mission is to manage cross-cultural issues within the context of legal complexity, to maximize your business potential in a foreign location. To learn how we can help you, please contact us today.

-Founder and President, Jane Smith, Esq.

Bridging the cultural divide

For over 15 years, founder and President, Jane Smith, Esq., has worked to bridge the gap between international cultures and legal systems, and her client’s desire to conduct business overseas. In 2000, the culmination of Ms. Smith’s experience resulted in the formation of LiSimba Consulting Services, LLC. Ms. Smith provides clients a unique perspective to better understand laws and business cultures that comprise the legal systems of the foreign countries her clients seek to enter. Ms. Smith’s extensive and diverse background focuses on analyzing the core competencies of two organizations to accomplish a win-win strategy.

Throughout the complex process of building international relationships for corporations, organizations, or government entities, LiSimba Consulting will access the essence of what is required to achieve the client’s overseas business objectives. Because Ms. Smith is deeply entrenched and well versed in European customs and culture, she understands the subtleties and nuances of the European Union legal system, and how that system melds into each member country’s culture, values and legal systems. In addition, Ms. Smith has a strong working knowledge of the South American legal systems, trade agreements, as well as language and culture.

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  • Presentation on "Daily Cross-Cultural Concerns in Our Global Workplace" at the 7th Tricontinental Conference on Global Advances in Business Communication, Eastern Michigan University
    (May 29, 2015)

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